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Full Name: Tom Schreiter
Handle: tomic
Rank: Level 11 Admiral (Navy)
Joined: 6/20/2006 6:24:00 AM
Birthday: 3/20/1979
Location: Dresden, Germany

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pixeling since 1995. with longer breaks. quite active in demoscene, in the design-era of the late '90s and early 2000s. pixeling flame reignited in 2002, kinda pixeling on a daily basis ever since..

grewing up in a small town in the dark part of germany - far east, far away from C64s or other kinds of 1980s 8bit machines - i was more focused on climbing trees than restricted palettes. my first 'puter was capable of displaying 256 colors. also i am red/green color-blind. enough excused for my palettes =)

toolwise i've been using deluxe paint 2e for years, switched to the supreme grafx2.. tried promotion, but the zoom-function doesn't work for me. additionally some standart gfx-software for sketching things and retouching holiday-photos =)

studied civil engineering and am working as stress analyst, building physicist (and most recently radio tower inspector) in Dresden+Hamburg/Germany since 2003, though ppl are regularly trying to argue me out of this =)

yepp.. weekend warrior.

points-of-interest: my top sellers - the 8 color club - monkey island pixels - my donkeys+giraffes - my poultry

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