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Title: Quest
Pixel Artist: Fool  (Level 6 SWAT :: 31458 points)
Posted: 3/12/2009 12:24:00 AM
Palette: 30 colors
Statistics: 68 comments :: 192 favorites :: 0 avatars

Made that for a papercut animation test. A bit flickering here and there but should work  with more effort (not  gonna happen=)



Top Pixel Art - March 2009 (#3)Top Pixel Art - March 2009 (#3)

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hivemind (Level 1 Thug) at 4/20/2013 8:41:00 AM

 Awesome animation, great sense of weight and of the character, and beautiful detail

kaze19th (Level 3 Hatchikyu) at 12/9/2012 7:58:00 AM

Funny and perfect

hnt6581 (Level 1 Jukyu) at 7/19/2012 5:56:00 AM

Top notch shading!

Jackman941 (Level 1 Rookie) at 11/1/2011 9:29:00 PM

 A journey every man can relate to 

Arkan85 (Level 8 Rear Admiral) at 8/8/2011 12:09:00 PM

Great work! 

DSM (Level 3 Sergeant) at 7/4/2011 10:22:00 AM

да,не совру если скажу что лучшие работы собранны в одном месте

Romson (Level 7 Mass Murderer) at 11/26/2010 3:35:00 AM

Анимация отличная. Рисунок безупречен, спасибо за удовольствие видеть такую красоту! 

fawful (Level 6 Yonkyu) at 10/18/2010 3:55:00 PM

The sheer detail and texturing makes this so impressive.

Psyclone (Level 1 Gangster) at 8/25/2010 5:04:00 PM

This is very inspiring!
Your work is really amazing. Love the 3D look this piece has to it :)

bodjietron (Level 1 Rookie) at 5/26/2010 6:57:00 PM

i want to be like u when i grow up. this shouldnt be no#3 in top pixel art.

Mrmo Tarius (Level 9 Executioner) at 5/22/2010 5:38:00 PM

I might say I'm on a similar quest ;)

Dino502Run (Level 6 Serial Killer) at 2/15/2010 7:35:00 PM

Awesome, very very well done and I love the animation

TheChan (Level 1 Rookie) at 9/13/2009 4:58:00 PM

The armor has so much depth and the motion has so much character. Great work here, however, something doesn't look right about the collar as his arm moves forward. It looks almost like it's clipping through his helmet.

It also looks like he's kicking really fast with his right foot.

I stare at it for a while and those are they only things that really stand out, otherwise it's very natural and believable.

Hallas (Level 1 Intern) at 8/21/2009 8:50:00 PM

 This is great. Not only are the texturing and shading amazing, but the walking animation conveys so much about the character's personality. Great work.

Semmu (Level 1 Private) at 8/19/2009 3:24:00 AM

i cant understand how can u draw it. agreed Hell's Sin, it looks like you did it in a 3D program...

nice job

Hell's Sin (Level 1 Jukyu) at 7/16/2009 6:31:00 PM

It looks like it's super detailed 3D! This is awesome

RPG_Boy (Level 5 Captain) at 6/4/2009 11:00:00 AM

incredible, im so impressed with the helmet movement especially

Nessiah (Level 3 Hatchet Man) at 5/14/2009 4:48:00 AM

Fool never cease to amaze us. Lovely work as always <3

Wu! (Level 1 Seaman) at 5/3/2009 12:18:00 PM

simply brilliant. The way the aventail wobbles is so great, the feet are a bit rough in contrast.
very cool and three dimensional, total love.

Listless Libra (Level 1 Gangster) at 4/28/2009 12:33:00 AM


PATBUTCHER (Level 1 Rookie) at 4/19/2009 4:07:00 PM

if you look at this you can see the time taken to advance to next poses

PATBUTCHER (Level 1 Rookie) at 4/19/2009 4:06:00 PM

infact no passing point either

PATBUTCHER (Level 1 Rookie) at 4/19/2009 4:05:00 PM

I Love this, and all you're stuff put it has NO RECOIL POSE!!! his legs dont go far wnough back to lift into the passing point which leave him with a shuffle. you probably know this and couldnt be bothered but its worth posting for animation newbies!

InkBreath (Level 1 Depressed) at 4/19/2009 3:50:00 AM

WTH? This is just so awesomme!! beats first and second place for TPA by quite a bit, imo.

MashPotato (Level 7 Underboss) at 4/18/2009 7:28:00 AM

Teeheehee!  The return of the knightly bum-plate! :D

Love the solidity of this, and the helmet is superb!

dumbo (Level 4 Mercenary) at 4/17/2009 4:01:00 PM

I love it!

I hate you...

TheFox (Level 1 Seaman) at 4/1/2009 8:29:00 PM

I am a bit confused with the closest fit. It seems like it is missing a couple frames, it starts to rise, and then it skips up to the top, and then back down completely. Perhaps you just rushed it?


Besides that absolutely amazing.

Tadashi Blossom (Level 1 Rookie) at 3/27/2009 11:36:00 PM

No way.

This is unbelievable. <3

NeedPixel (Level 1 Thug) at 3/19/2009 11:05:00 AM

amazing !!! this is just ..

breathtaking :)

Labbe100 (Level 1 Thug) at 3/18/2009 9:00:00 AM

This is magic !

j.negrón (Level 1 Thug) at 3/17/2009 5:21:00 PM

excellent work; as you always do!

PixelKiwi (Level 5 Soldier) at 3/17/2009 4:35:00 PM

Awesome animation. I like how tactile the armour looks. The only thing that's really bothering me is the way the eye cavity on the helmet seems to squint as his head turns to the left.

PanicBomber (Level 6 Manager) at 3/17/2009 8:08:00 AM

very very nice!

Nightmare Maker (Level 8 Regional Boss) at 3/16/2009 3:53:00 PM

I don't know why I am surprised. Perfect work, as always.

stonewall (Level 1 Thug) at 3/14/2009 7:15:00 PM

Great work Fool.

subzero2a (Level 1 Rookie) at 3/14/2009 4:41:00 PM

realy cool it must be the coolest image I have ever seen. how did you make it? (what software) and how did you make it, just out of your head?

Ky3bMu4 (Level 8 Guerrilla) at 3/14/2009 9:02:00 AM


shivudhamu (Level 3 Hatchet Man) at 3/13/2009 8:15:00 PM

what can i say? totally a pure and too good pixel art......... 

philipptr (Level 4 Team Leader) at 3/13/2009 11:31:00 AM

The slight turn of the head adds so much to the animation. You've managed once again too deliver something that is awesome in many departments but also works great as a whole :)

AsimosVagan (Level 1 Depressed) at 3/13/2009 9:56:00 AM

I love the helmet (both idea and animation)!

bricl (Level 1 Depressed) at 3/13/2009 2:42:00 AM

amazing, pure pro.

Zweckform (Level 1 Intern) at 3/13/2009 1:19:00 AM

Really amazing again.

KwIjL (Level 5 Captain) at 3/13/2009 12:14:00 AM

didnt expect anything less of you Fool :D

The Woolfe (Level 1 Rookie) at 3/12/2009 11:32:00 PM

It only took you a weekend? WOW!!!, thanks for answering my question btw ^_^

Doppleganger (Level 6 Yonkyu) at 3/12/2009 10:16:00 PM

Nice character design, the helmet is ace. There is some serious jumping with his right gauntlet in its transition from going forward to backward or vice versa. Other than that, I'm content with its workings given your understanding of how it ended up. :)

kingpyfiou (Level 1 Rookie) at 3/12/2009 9:47:00 PM


Solitaire (Level 1 Depressed) at 3/12/2009 3:27:00 PM

 lovely idea, and as usual, beautiful pixels and animation.

Stickman (Level 6 SWAT) at 3/12/2009 2:27:00 PM

Brilliant. Nothing more to say....

HoofFoot (Level 8 Regional Boss) at 3/12/2009 2:11:00 PM

Great work as always! :D

Ghostclown (Level 2 Quiet One) at 3/12/2009 1:53:00 PM

Beautiful. His helmet was an excellent idea.

Sig~ (Level 6 Hitman) at 3/12/2009 12:18:00 PM

I love your work, wonderful.

MFlanaga (Level 3 Chief) at 3/12/2009 11:56:00 AM

i bet he's stomping because he's mad that some punk like me probably drank his ale and knew he couldn't be caught because he's wearing too much awesome armor! man i love this. my favorite part is the way the facemask sways through the z-axis

Fool (Level 6 SWAT) at 3/12/2009 9:56:00 AM

Photocopier, I aimed for a choopy feel - armors are quite heavy and uncomfortable to walk around, especially when you are in a hurry.=)

chanfan, needs boobs, ah?=)

chanfan (Level 7 Underboss) at 3/12/2009 9:46:00 AM

Awesome stuff as always! I hate the character design though but the render is top notch!

Photocopier (Level 11 Godfather) at 3/12/2009 8:53:00 AM

lovely, your style is instantly recognisable! the only thing is; I think that the feet goinging up are little high and very choppy looking, it almost looks as if he slides his foot forward and then snaps his foot up as an after-thought because he forgot to earlier. (as much as I hate to critisize work that far surpasses my level)

Fool (Level 6 SWAT) at 3/12/2009 8:01:00 AM

Thanks guys=)


Souly, not so much of a talent, rather curiousity.=)

The Woolfe, it has been done over the weekend - sprite itself took evening, and animation killed the next day.

Delicious (Level 8 Regional Boss) at 3/12/2009 7:17:00 AM

:o, how do you do it? Damn man, your animation skills make it look like it's 3d, and your pixel skills make the quality much cleaner and more smooth then 3d.. Almost real. D: Amazing job.

Squirrelsquid (Level 4 Shichikyu) at 3/12/2009 6:53:00 AM

O_O awezome! me like <3

TomF (Level 1 Rookie) at 3/12/2009 6:48:00 AM

Jeez, your pieces are amazing enough as stills, but seeing them animated is something else.

PixelSpy (Level 5 Captain) at 3/12/2009 6:10:00 AM

 Beeeeeeeeer! *drools*

(:3) (Level 2 Corporal) at 3/12/2009 5:32:00 AM


Souly (Level 5 Killer Klown) at 3/12/2009 2:09:00 AM

Fool takes maybe a week to finish a project dude.
He's a god.

Windwhisper (Level 2 Kukyu) at 3/12/2009 1:52:00 AM

As always, your work is amazing.  I love the details like the change in dimension and shading of the face and armor as the character walks.

The Woolfe (Level 1 Rookie) at 3/12/2009 1:43:00 AM

Wow O_O, how long did that take you? Awesome work

Hapiel (Level 11 Admiral) at 3/12/2009 12:58:00 AM

Wonderful armor! And of course a nice animation as well! I do believe that the time the legs are in air is a bit short, but it does give a real stamping effect as if it is quite a heavy armor :)

See you in the monthly top!

Souly (Level 5 Killer Klown) at 3/12/2009 12:55:00 AM

He's walking to my music it's awesome.
Dude seriously, can you please just slap me and hopefully some talent will rub off onto me. :(

Anyways awesome amazing stuff as always. <3

panya (Level 2 Quiet One) at 3/12/2009 12:52:00 AM

Despite the small glitches that can be seen if you stare real long and hard at the joints... the overall effect is amazing, and the animation looks perfectly solid. You're my hero =)

cure (Level 10 Capo) at 3/12/2009 12:46:00 AM

Coolest armor ever.  Reminds me of that armored rhino woodcut by Albrecht Durer.


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